Fatar Studio 88 Plus

This is a controller keyboard with 88 weighted action keys, that is built into a case. I put it up here, because I couldn't find any pics or info of it anywhere on the net. I don't own a manual myself, but I'll tell you what I know about it.

The controller is very simple. I has three zones that can be splitted or layered. It therefore also sends on three midi channels and it has three dedicated midi outputs (not in/out/through as usual). It has a amod wheel and a pitch bend wheel, that cannot be assigned, as far as I'm concerned. The keyboard has not hammered action, but it is still quite ok. This is the first weighted keyboard I own, so I won't comment further on that issue. Speaking of which, the keyboard weighs 24 kgs. The main difference between the Studio 88 and Studio 88 Plus is that the Plus version has 100 memories. I don't think the non-plus version has any memory at all.

I don't own the Fatar anymore, but feel free to ask me about it if you have questions.